A journey through a world of heritage and modernity


Goupil & Cie has been a landmark for collectors for more than two centuries. Goupil & Cie offers a comprehensive and holistic range of services to our clients via auctions, private sales and advisory covering the main areas of artwork, jewellery, timepieces, collectibles and the most exclusive contemporary testimonies of our time. Since 1850, Goupil & Cie has nurtured a culture of audacity, innovation and distinction.

Today, Goupil & Cie has a global presence in some of the most vibrant art capitals, including London, Hong Kong and Singapore. Goupil & Cie allows collectors to access to exceptional pieces from Goupil & Cie’s unique online marketplace from all over the globe accompanying a world in motion. Goupil & Cie’s team of specialists assist collectors with personalized services with passion for the world of art and coveted curations. By combining heritage and modernity, Goupil & Cie continues every day to celebrate its founding values with dedication to its clients and commitments towards society as a whole.



In 1850, Mr. Goupil established Goupil & Cie and rapidly developed premises across Paris, on Boulevard Montmartre, Rue Chaptal, and Avenue de L’Opéra, becoming the center of attention of the mid-19
th century art enthusiasts and connoisseurs.



Founded on his remarkable success, under the Second French Empire of Napoleon III, Goupil & Cie crossed the Atlantic in the mid-1850s, when Léon, oldest son of Mr. Goupil, spearheaded the growth of the company on Broadway in New York City.




The expansion of Goupil & Cie kept accelerating at an incredible pace, starting with the Hague salesroom in the early 1860s. In 1865, during the Victorian era, Goupil & Cie crossed the channel to London and reached another pivotal milestone by installing its exhibition and salesroom on Southampton Street. Goupil & Cie rapidly outgrew the location due to its flourishing reputation amongst collectors and critics, which finally brought it to the beautiful flagship at Bedford Street.

Les Ateliers Photographiques, established by Goupil & Cie during this period, served as bastions of artistic production of estampes and impressions, employing cutting-edge art printing techniques. Goupil & Cie's pioneering efforts elevated the accessibility of art to a burgeoning audience worldwide.





Through its presence at the International and Universal Exhibitions in Paris, London, Vienna and Philadelphia, Goupil & Cie contributed to the dissemination of artistic trends and movements.

 The fame of the company kept travelling across the globe, reaching all the way to Melbourne in 1880 participating in the first International Exposition in the Southern Hemisphere, that took place at the freshly completed Royal Exhibition Building.




Over the past decades, Goupil & Cie's dedication to showcasing the diversity and richness of Italian art has markedly participated in the broader appreciation and acclaim of contemporary Italian artists on the international stage. Their works, infused with passion, evocative themes, and technical mastery, have notably captivated visitors to the Art Biennale of Venice since its inception in 1895.

During this epoch, Goupil & Cie achieved a meaningful milestone in its history by forging a profound and enduring connection with Italian artistry, which persists to this day.

20th / 21st



Following the major transitions and evolution of the long 20th Century, Goupil & Cie brought about a new momentum leading to its international backdrop today. Goupil & Cie stands for one of the most exclusive auction houses in the world by bringing its passion for art work and exceptional contemporary pieces to its global clients.