Goupil & Cie Exhibitions

In its illustrious journey across continents, Goupil & Cie graced the grand stages of International and Universal Exhibitions in emblematic cities such as Paris, London, Vienna, Philadelphia, and Melbourne. Through its steadfast presence, Goupil & Cie's fame transcended borders, traversing vast oceans to distant shores, acting as a conduit for the dissemination of prevailing trends and movements in the ever-evolving world of art. Their exhibits often featured a wide range of artistic styles and mediums, including paintings, prints, and sculptures, highlighting both established masters and emerging talents.

In contemporary times, this tradition of exhibition endures, seamlessly weaving the threads of past and present as the Goupil & Cie Exhibitions continue to serve as venues for the exploration and celebration of artistic innovation and expression. Since its inception, the coeval mission of the Goupil & Cie Exhibitions has been to contribute to the cultural legacy of Goupil & Cie’s shared values and vision and encourage the creativity of young artists.

The Goupil & Cie Exhibitions embark the audience on an odyssey through time from the mid-19th century to today’s art, spanning major art movements through the lens of their historical and social context to understand their cultural background. We engage meaningful dialogues based on thought-provoking exhibitions. The Goupil & Cie Exhibitions hope to participate in nurturing learning experiences, sparking curiosity, and enriching lives.

The Goupil & Cie Exhibitions aim to offer a cultural interactive platform to the public where different generations can meet, exchange, and connect. Alongside Goupil & Cie’s culture of audacity, innovation, and distinction, the Goupil & Cie Exhibitions support diverse and eclectic contemporary art from a broad array of origins, cultures, creative fields, media, and sensibilities. As a mirror of our society today and its natural evolution, the Goupil & Cie Exhibitions notably support intersected artistic expressions where art and technology converge.

Animated by a spirit of travel, the Goupil & Cie’s collection does not reveal itself on a permanent display and rather engages the public worldwide over discovery cycles to explore the history of modern and contemporary art and foster its vitality and continuum both in traditional and digital forms. The Goupil & Cie Exhibitions promote individual artists and cultural outreach by commissioning emerging talents and offering an international scene to raise public awareness for contemporary art. Our travelling exhibitions feature visionary artworks around the globe and provide educational insights into a universal creative language and process.

Our curatorial philosophy has continuously demonstrated passion and commitment to collect, preserve, and share leaving legacies and new creations as sources of reflection and inspiration of our times.

Goupil & Cie's Odyssey into Orientalism's Origins


Santiago de Chile
December 15 2024 - January 31 2025